Saakshi Retreat, Resort & Nature Park

Saakshi Retreat  Resort  & Nature Park is the leading Resort In Tumakuru & is situated just 18 Km from Tumakuru & 90 Km From Bangalore, Karnataka. Saakshi Retreat cut away from city civilization, it blends in perfect harmony with the surroundings nature & covered with the beautiful trees,Persian garden with scented Roses, colorful shrubs &  lush green lawn.  Saakshi retreat will give you the immense pleasure of nature.

Saakshi retreat reflects  the glory of  Ancient desi art, made of stone mud & Bricks,thatch. Saakshi retreat is a testimony to perfection in imperfection complementing this Desi Grandeur is the profound Reverential silence that provides  the retreat. All the breaks  it would be your foot steps on the gravel or wind unremitting whistling past the bamboo shoots.

Pre Wedding @ Saakshi Retreat

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Award- Saakshi Retreat, Resort & Nature Park

We happy to inform you That we have the first prize for Tumakuru dist Saakshi Retreat Resort and Nature Park Best Private Park Award contest.